How To Care For Your Graphic Tees

First it starts to fade, then it goes out of shape. Eventually that favourite graphic tee can only be worn in the privacy of your own home. Follow these tips to protect your cool t-shirts from wear and tear.


Similar to everything else, clothes have a shelf life. If not properly cared for, clothes can easily be damaged after a few washes. Whether they are short sleeve, tank tops, pullover hoodies or even jeans, you can use these basic tips for your next laundry load.


#1: Wash Your Graphic Tees Inside-Out

To prevent your graphic tees from fading and peeling quickly, wash your garments inside-out. Your garments will maintain its new look for a longer time as the inside of the garment is the one taking all the abuse from the washing and spinning. The right side of your garments get equally clean when washed inside-out. This works with jeans too as it prevents the colours from fading. 


#2: Wash Similar Colours Together

This is one of the golden rules that most people are guilty of breaking. Not because we don’t know about it but because it’s just a hassle to separate colours. Doing laundry in itself is a chore and we wouldn’t want to have to do two loads if we can help it. But this is the golden rule to prolonging the vibrant colours and the sparkling whites of your garments. If you’d like to take another precautionary step, wash garments that have similar fabrics together. For example, garments with buttons, buckles and zippers should be washed separately from t-shirts or towels. This will prevents the buttons, buckles and zippers from rubbing against the soft fabrics and potentially peeling the print on your tees. 


#3: Use Cold Water

There really is no need to use hot water when doing laundry. Cold water is generally good and hot water is generally bad. Using cold water will not only preserve the bright colours but it will also help keep your garments in shape and prevent the inks from peeling and fading. It’s also energy saving which means you’ll be able to save money in the process. It’s a Win-Win situation. 



#4: Do Not Use Bleach

Avoid using bleach or any strong detergents such as softeners. The chemicals will cause any adhesives to dissolve. Use a mild and gentle detergent that will ensure your garments are treated well.


#5: Do Not Use Dryers

We’d all like to have a dryer. They’re easy to use and convenient but they’re actually not good for your garments. The heat may cause your garments to shrink and the prints to peel and crack. Alternatively, let them dry under the shade. The heat from direct sunlight is also dangerous for the colours of your graphic tees the same way hot water and the dryer is. 


#6: Avoid Using Irons

As we’ve mentioned before, heat is the enemy. You’ve avoided using hot water and you’ve dried them under the shade. Now you’ll have to avoid using the iron. Or if you must, use a low setting and avoid ironing over the print are of your graphic tees. 


Final Words of Advice

Every graphic tee needs a little care. Always read the garment care label before the first wash. They can be quite annoying sometimes and cause itching so before you decide to cut them off, take a quick look and take note of any important information you might need to know.

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