About Us

Porcupus is an alternative fashion store established circa 2017 with the vision of making nerd wear fashionable through unique, ethically-sourced wearable artwork and pop culture inspired designs. 

Being bare minimum fashionably acceptable is a challenge for most of us. So we wanted to create a line of clothing that people could feel comfortable getting into bed and out of; that someone could put on for a casual weekend afternoon date or quick coffee stop; or walk around in any city in the world without appearing out of place. We wanted to revolt against the idea that you couldn't be nerdy, chic and cool at the same time. We wanted people to smile when they thought about what they were going to put on and make other people laugh with you not at you when they saw what you had on.

We also believe in fostering a community of artists and designers who believe in the same things that we do. Our community model is built around a platform that encourages artists to create unique designs that will be featured on our website. For more information on how you can contribute please contact support@porcupus.com.