10 Fun Facts About Stormtroopers

The Empire is known to strike at will, well equipped with limitless power in their arsenal, as well as a militia of Stormtroopers that are relentless in their attack. Stormtroopers come ever abundant in almost every Star Wars movie scene that involves them, and they always seem to outnumber the opposition by a long shot. They never seem to have a shortage of manpower to execute at the will of the Emperor, and can easily inundate and overwhelm opponents with the sheer size of their army of Stormtroopers. Just the sight of their helmets alone would strike fear that come synonymous with any totalitarian regime that exists in real life.

Needless to say, the outfits donned by the stormtroopers have become a rather familiar sight on the big screen. As for die hard fans of the legendary Star Wars franchise, Stormtroopers are indeed instantly recognisable because of the iconic design of their uniforms. It has even proven to be a hit whenever Halloween rolls around each year, as many fans have chosen to dress as a Stormtrooper over the years.

So, here are ten things you might not know about the suit worn by the Stormtroopers.

10. Their suits allow them to survive in space.

The armour worn by Stormtroopers have been designed to act somewhat like a space suit straight out of NASA. The suit is said to be equipped with a pressurised gas system, and can help them survive in the event they are flung out into the realms of space. These suits are able to keep them alive out in space until they are rescued and returned to a pressurised environment.

9. Their armour is made to be resilient.
The making of each and every one of the suits is done in accordance to very high and stringent standard that have been set by the Empire. It is said to have the ability to withstand and nullify blaster fires. This almost impenetrable armour offers protection to Stormtroopers against fatal injuries when in combat. 

8. They are armed with some tools in their utility belts.
Even though their suits are made with protection first and foremost in mind, the makers of the suit have not skimped on equipment on the offense as well. The gadgetry tied together with the suit will assist the Stormtroopers in navigating through even the most challenging environments or situations. Often times, their utility belts would come useful under life and death events. Attached with the suit on the utility belts are a power pack, micro-binoculars for visual aid as well as the all important com-link for communication.

7. The suits allows them to stay anonymous.
It is quite obvious that the identities of almost all Stormtroopers featured throughout the Star Wars movie franchise remain unknown to the viewers. This is because their body gloves and plastoid composite body armour have been standardised, Think of it as putting on our school uniforms back when we were still schooling. The pure white facade plastered over the armies of Stormtroopers was undoubtedly designed to strike fear in anyone who decides to oppose the mighty Empire.

6. The Stormtroopers are equipped with a standard issue firearm.
Stormtroopers must not leave for their respective duties without carrying their EB-11 BlasTech Standard Imperial Sidearm. The Empire’s weapon of choice marries potent firepower and expansive range, all packed within a compact and rugged form. The power cells built into their utility belts can supply sufficient energy to fire 100 shots through their gun. The rifle possesses a capable cooling system to save it from overheating from continuous gunfire.

5. The outfits allowed for good maneuverability.
Judging by the sight and the sound that is made when suited Stormtroopers are on the move, one would think that their locomotion gets hindered. How could we be blamed for that when they always look gingerly and sound clunky in motion? However, upon taking a closer inspection, we would find that the armour does not impede but provides relative ease when on the move. They are able to kneel and crouch quite easily in their outfits. Not to mention, they have also been trained to move swiftly and stoically onwards, even in the event that one of their comrades gets fatally taken down.

4. Their helmets offer more than just head protection.
Visibility in its purest form may be lacking or impeded when having the helmet on, but we might be too quick to forget the fact that visual aids are present by way of holographic projections of their surrounding terrain. On some planets, the helmets also prevent too much light from getting into the Stormtroopers eyes. While the offer of protection is quite obvious, their helmets are also fitted with atmospheric sensors to optimise and cool down the conditions inside.           

3. Their outfits are distinguishable against officers.
There are different types of Stormtroopers, namely officers and the Imperial army. This also means that their outfits will vary, as Stormtrooper outfits are made for combat, while ranking officers wear olive tunics and caps. Though they all have identical insignia, each type of Stormtrooper’s outfit is colour coded to denote their ranks.

2. There are different variants of the same outfit.
The armour of Stormtroopers might look the same to the naked eye, but they are often equipped with subtly different gadgetry depending on which world they are stationed at for duty. The difference can often be found in the likes of cooling modules and vaporators. Their suits are optimised to perform and keep them safe in each environment as survival is key in this regard.

1. Their outfits can come with additional backpacks.
Just like the points made previously, these additional backpacks act as vital components tailored for each situation. Imagine that as an annexe to the set of gear that is already available with the suit. These usually come in the form of boosted field communication equipment, launchers and security gadgets. More commonly, they carry booster power packs when they need more supply of power.

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